The Seaford Community Preschool Programs are dedicated to the social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth of the children. Our certified, experienced, qualified staff is dedicated to ensuring our children learn to work, play and develop at their own pace in

a safe, stimulating and nurturing Christian environment.

2160 Washington Avenue, Seaford, New York


Seaford Community Preschool


Welcome to our preschool!
For 50 years, since 1968, the Seaford Community Preschool, a ministry of the United Methodist Church of Seaford, has dedicated itself to promoting the social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth of preschool children.

We are licensed by the New York State Office of

Children and Family Services.

​Summer Adventures


Summer Two by Two

Summer Adventures is an exciting six week camp program.  Each week’s lessons and activities coordinate with a specific theme created with your preschool child in mind.  

​Summer Two by Two is an adult accompanied five week program that meets once a week.

Come join us for a fun-filled summer!