Seaford Community Preschool



Our mission is to ensure the development of each child at his/her own pace in a safe yet stimulating Christian environment.

At the Seaford Community Preschool we encourage children to express their ideas freely in creative and positive ways. We help children develop a sense of responsibility for their own behavior and respect for their classmates and teachers. We aid children in forming positive feelings about themselves and the world around them. We support the development of friendships as the children work and play together, and we respect all families and recognize the important role that families play in the lives of young children. 



As facilitators, our shared goals are:

To provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment and teaching curriculum so that three, four and five year old children can grow in the areas of cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical development.

To provide active and creative play areas that facilitate cognitive self-expression, creativity and positive social interactions.

To give children many opportunities to acquire self-help skills that in turn fosters a sense of independence and self-worth.

To provide an atmosphere where children learn to treat others with respect.

To provide a wide variety of child initiated as well as teacher directed activities to engage the learning style of each child.

To communicate with families keeping them well informed about their child's progress and the opportunities to be part of the school community.