In addition to this month’s classroom learning curriculum, we are looking forward to learning about the season of Fall, learning about how to be good listeners, celebrating Halloween and participating in voting!

Fundraisers: Our Wrapping Paper and More catalog fundraiser was sent home on September 20th. Orders are due back by Friday, October 1st. Your participation in our fundraisers is very much appreciated to help support our preschool!

No School: In observance of Columbus Day, the SCP will be closed on Monday, October 11th.

Fall Fest
: To celebrate the season of Fall, we will have a Fall Fest celebration. The children can dress in their best Fall colors and the day will be filled with Fall fun!!!!

For the 2x2 and 3x2 classes, Fall Fest will be on Thursday, October 21st. For the 3x3, 4x3 and 4x5 classes, Fall Fest will be on Friday, October 22nd.

: We will be having some Halloween fun with class parades and pumpkin picking. The parades and pumpkin picking will be taking place outside with the opportunity for a parent/caregiver to attend. In the coming days we will have more information regarding our in school Halloween Parade and Pumpkin Picking with the times for each class. Children will have any opportunity to wear their costume to school. Please Note: Please no scary costumes or costumes that have weapons as accessories.

For the 2x2 and 3x2 classes, Halloween will be celebrated on Thursday, October 28th. For the 3x3, 4x3 and 4x5 classes, Halloween will be celebrated on Friday, October 29th.

Your Vote Counts: Even preschoolers can have a say! We are giving our preschoolers an opportunity to have their opinion count! We will be having a SCP vote on what book the SCP will all read together in December. The students will vote for their favorite book choice and we will announce the book that wins on November 3rd.


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