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Seaford Community Preschool offers a unique experience in early education and our mission is to provide instruction in the safest ways possible.  Amidst the current health situation, these guidelines are in place to protect both our staff and students and will be in effect until further notice.

School Hours
To comply with social distancing and group size guidelines, we have staggered our school start hours.  Please see the schedule below:

Toddler Class:
2x2 – Turquoise  10:00 am – 12:00 pm (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

Three Year Old Classes:
3x2 – Green  10:00 am – 12:30 pm (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
3x3 – Turquoise  10:00 am – 12:30 pm (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays)
3x3 – Green  10:00 am – 1:30 pm (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays)
3x3 – Purple  10:00 am – 1:30 pm (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays)

Four Year Old Classes:
4x3 – Orange  9:30 am – 12:00 pm (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays)
4C – Yellow  9:30 am – 12:00 pm (3x/week students attend Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays and 5x/week students attend Monday through Friday)
4x5 – Blue  9:30 am – 12:00 pm (Monday through Friday)

*Kindergarten Readiness:
4x3, 4C, 4x5 – 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm

*This class is set to begin 10/14/20 and if your child is registered in one of our four year old classes, they are guaranteed a spot in this class*
Arrival Procedure for Students:

1.  All adults with face coverings doing drop off must sign the child into care on the sign in sheet located at our sign-in station at our main preschool entrance.
2.  A health check must be completed on both the child and the parent/caregiver each day (fill out affirmation form and temperature check). ​
Click Here to download the Student Health Check Affirmation
3.  If a child presents with a temperature above normal or visible signs of illness, the child will be unable to enter school for the day.
4.  Children will be dropped off at the front door and escorted to class by a staff member.  Additional staff will be available for children having separation difficulties.
5.  All children’s hands will be sanitized prior to entrance. 

Arrival Procedure for Staff

1.   All staff must complete a health check before entering the building.
2.   If a staff member presents with a temperature above normal or visible signs of illness, the staff member will be unable to enter school for the day.
3.   If the staff member is healthy, masks must be applied and hands must be sanitized prior to entering the building.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Seaford Community Preschool will supply all staff with required PPE.  If they choose an alternate item of choice (ex: face covering) it must be approved in compliance with current guidelines.

Face Coverings
At this time, only staff is required to wear face coverings.  In accordance with NY State guidelines, children younger than kindergarten age are not required to wear a face covering.

Social Distancing
Seaford Community Preschool will ensure that groups of staff and children will maintain adequate social distancing to the greatest extent possible.

At this time, non-essential visitors are not permitted in the school. If you need to pick up your child or drop off an item to him/her please call the preschool office and a staff member will meet you at the main entrance.

School Closing

In the event Seaford Community Preschool must close for reasons associated with the pandemic, families will be notified immediately.  Reasons may include a severe health risk to staff and children or a mandated shut down.  Unfortunately, we are not equipped to teach remotely and will be closed only.

With the cooler weather upon us and groups of children gathered together like many hadn't been for months, illness among student
s is inevitable.  This year more so than ever before, we are responsible for trying to prevent the spread of all illnesses to the greatest extent possible.  Please know we want to be both cautious and realistic.  We know children get runny noses and that coughs sometimes linger.  We know sleep habits can change and that seasonal allergies can present as cold-like symptoms, but we are asking you to be as honest with us as possible so we can make any calls/decisions required of us this school year.  Every child is different and each child's symptoms may be different, meaning we may need to deal with each child's illness on a case to case basis.  As a general rule, if you keep your child home or we send your child home due to obvious signs of illness please adhere to the following:

*if your child is not feeling well, please do not send your child to school
*call (516.785.0070) or email ( the preschool office to report your child's absence due to illness
*if your child was absent due to illness, we are asking for a doctor's note BEFORE returning to class
*if your child has a condition that causes cold or flu-like symptoms (allergies/post nasal drip), please supply us with a doctor note
If there are any other extenuating circumstances, please call the preschool office and we will give you further instructions as to what protocol to follow.

Even if your child is absent for reasons unrelated to illness, we ask you to still please call (516.785.0070) or email ( the preschool office to report your child's absence and the reason for absence.  If you are going away, please remember to comply with local, state and county guidelines regarding travel and quarantine.
We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Children and staff will not be permitted to enter the building with any of the following symptoms:

*shortness or difficulty of breath
*muscle pain
*sore throat
*loss of taste or smell
*If you or your child tests positive for COVID-19, you are required to present positive test results in writing from a doctor’s office to Seaford Community Preschool who in turn must immediately notify the state and local health department.  At that time, Seaford Community Preschool must comply with current guidelines as to a possible closing of a class or the school.*
Pandemic Health & Safety
Staff, students and Seaford Community Preschool families are asked to comply with all local, state and county guidelines regarding quarantine and travel.
Parents must notify Seaford Community Preschool if they have traveled to or plan to travel to an area known to have a high infection rate.  Seaford Community Preschool reserves the right to exclude a child from school if they or a member of their household has traveled to an “at risk” area and have not adhered to self-quarantine guidelines following their trip.
Tuition Policies
Our registration fee of $80.00 is non-refundable.
Tuition is due the first class session of each month.
There is a 15-day grace period for all monthly payments.  All payments received after the 15th of each month are subject to a $15.00 late fee.
Missed tuition payments will be addressed with a written notice as a reminder.  Multiple missed tuition payments may result in your child’s removal from his/her class until the balance is paid.
If a situation arises resulting in your inability to pay tuition on time, please speak to the Director.
Cash or check payments payable to SEAFORD COMMUNITY PRESCHOOL are the only acceptable methods of payment.
Check payments must be deposited in the tuition box near the main entrance and cash payments handed to a Seaford Community Preschool office member so a receipt can be issued.  Please DO NOT place tuition in your child’s backpack.
If your check is returned to us for any reason, an additional bank charge of $20.00 will be applied to your account.
Post-dated checks will not be accepted.
Sibling and pre-paid tuition discounts are available.  Please ask an office staff member for further information.
Should you choose to withdraw your child from our school for any non-emergency reason, we require no less than 2 weeks’ notice BEFORE your intended date of withdrawal.

Pandemic Tuition Policy
Should Seaford Community Preschool need to close for reasons related to the Pandemic, tuition may be adjusted according to the length of the closure.  If a child is absent due to illness associated with COVID-19, please inform the preschool office and tuition may be adjusted accordingly.

Classroom Objects & Materials
Children will be required to supply individual boxes for their personal use of materials (crayons, pencils, glue sticks) throughout the course of the school day.  Sharing materials is not safe or recommended at this time and toys that cannot be cleaned/sanitized (ex: dress-up clothes, puppets) will not be used. 
Personal items from home such as toys and stuffed animals may not be brought to school.
Seaford Community Preschool will adhere to requirements from the CDC and DOH and will maintain logs on site that document date, time and scope of cleaning and disinfection.  Staff and students are required to practice hygiene in the following instances:

1.   Upon arrival to the school each day
2.   Between all program activities
3.   After using the restrooms
4.   Before eating
5.   Before departing for the day  

Throughout the day, frequent hand washing (soap, water and disposable paper towels) and sanitizing with hand sanitizer (CDC approved brands only) will be practiced.

Children must bring their own disposable snack each day.  Snacks must be in a paper bag, labeled with their name and a small disposable water bottle.   We are requesting healthy snacks such as pretzels, goldfish, baked crackers.  If your child has a food allergy, WE MUST BE INFORMED UPON ENROLLMENT as every effort will be made to accommodate your child’s needs. 

Class Grouping
Children will remain with their teachers and classmates only throughout the course of the school day.  Mixing of groups is discouraged unless absolutely necessary.

Indoor/Outdoor Play
All classes will have their own designated play time and will remain their respective class only.  When at all possible, classes will make use of our outdoor playground and in the event of inclement weather they will use one of our indoor play spaces.

Please make sure children are sent to school each day in comfortable, easily washable clothing as “getting their hands dirty” is an essential component of learning at this age.  Our staff makes every effort to keep children clean when using messy materials, but occasionally spills do happen.  We also ask children to wear appropriate footwear for both indoor and outdoor play.  Generally, flip-flop types of shoes are not considered safe.
*Each child is required to bring 2 changes of clothing in a Ziploc bag labeled with their name
*In colder weather months, all jackets, sweatshirts, hats should also be clearly labeled with their name

Field Trips
Currently, we are unable to offer field trips.

At Seaford Community Preschool, the home-school relationship is strongly valued and encouraged.  It is a powerful way to establish the importance of education while building a solid foundation for each child.  We recognize the importance of children seeing both their parents and school staff working cooperatively to help them succeed in all areas of growth.
Parents are welcome to call, email or schedule a virtual meeting at any time throughout the school year to discuss matters of concern.  Conversations pertaining to situations of a personal matter give us the opportunity to offer your child any extra attention needed.
Your child will receive a monthly newsletter with special events or activities listed.  It will explain monthly themes, dates and any special requirements for the activity.  Class emails will also be sent reminding you of any important upcoming events.
Please also refer to our website ( and “like” our Facebook page (Seaford Community Preschool for reminders)
*It is imperative that we have the most updated contact information for each child.  This includes the home/cell phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses of both parents and emergency contacts.*
*A signed copy of the below statement is required for each child*
Parent Disclosure Statements
1.   I understand that outside of school in an effort to control my child’s exposure in the community, I must comply with all local, county or state orders
2.   I agree to notify Seaford Community Preschool if I become aware of any person with whom my child or I have had contact with tests positive for or exhibits any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 or any other infectious disease
3.   I have read, understand and agree to comply with the Seaford Community Preschool Parent Handbook and Pandemic Policies & Procedures
Child’s Name:______________________
Child’s Class:___________________

Parent Signature:__________________________________________